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Why should I let someone else choose my clothes?
If you really love browsing the stores in the mall, spending your weekend finding just exactly the right outfit for you, then perhaps this service isn't for you. In reality, many men find it a hassle and lots of busy men let others select and buy their clothes - traditionally this task is delegated to their wives or girlfriends. We believe it's time to give that job to a professional. Our wardrobe consultants research and understand the needs of customers fitting the profile they service. They observe them in business and leisure settings and they know what is modern, stylish and appropriate. Buyers then spend hours visiting stores and searching the Internet to find the right clothes at great deals, focusing on practical, versatile selections. We believe that in most cases they will choose better clothes for you than you would even choose yourself even if you spent the time to do it!

Why buy clothes on subscription?
Clothing constantly needs updating due to wear, current style and letís face it - changes in size. An average American spends 4-6% of his income on clothing, that can translate into over $2000 and dozens of trips to the store. This service is designed to regularly replenish your wardrobe in a convenient manner. The quarterly shipments are modeled around seasonal changes when a change of clothes is most appropriate. Many men put off buying the items they need or dash in and grab something without consideration for the rest of their wardrobe. A clothing subscription solves the problem - sign up and we will regularly send you timely, well-coordinated clothes with the budget you have chosen.

What kind of clothes am I going to get with my subscription?
The exact makeup is dependent on your profile, climate and the season of the shipment, but generally you will get a mix of business casual and leisure wear. Over several shipments you will build up a good foundation for a versatile wardrobe. This will include shirts (T-shirts, golf shirts, dress shirts), trousers and jeans, occasionally sweaters, and perhaps a blazer, a tie or a belt. The items will be coordinated and are designed to mix & match. What you won't find are basics like socks and underwear, or specialized apparel like 3-piece suits or ski jackets. You can view typical selections in the Profiles section of this website.

Do you manufacture the clothes you sell?
No. OutfitEZ focuses on clothing selection, and we take advantage of the entire range of clothing suppliers and retailers available to find you the best deals on high quality coordinated clothing and we have no incentive to push any one manufacturer over another. OutfitEZ selects well known brands that are distributed at major department stores and men's retailers including: Kenneth Cole, Perry Ellis, Dockers and Abercrombie.

Couldn't I just buy these clothes on the Internet myself?
Perhaps you could - if you knew what you wanted, knew what was available and wanted to spend the hours we do searching for the best deals. We figure you've got better things to do. Our wardrobe consultants focus on dressing you well. Our buyers focus on locating great deals on the selected items. We can take advantage of sales, volume discounts or wholesale prices, whenever possible without compromising quality.

If my friends or co-workers also subscribe, wouldnít everyone have the same outfits?
Not likely. Each personís shipment is dependent on his profile and preferences. The shipments contain items that combine into a number of outfits, plus items within a shipment may vary in color and style. The probability of choosing exactly the same combination on the same day is small, no more than wearing the same shirt from the local mall. In addition, your OutfitEZ collection is a complement to the rest of your wardrobe and should increase your choices overall. Now it may be that co-workers take note of your new outfits and want to copy them…

How do I change my address, profile, size or preferences?
Log on to your OutfitEZ account and select "View or change my account and profile information". Changes will be effective on your next shipment. Please note that changes made during a shipping month will not take effect for that pending shipment. This is because we start to place personalized orders for your outfits on the first of the month from a snapshot of your preferences as stated at that time.

If you need to change address between the first day of a delivery month and the pending delivery, please contact customer service to determine if the change of address can be processed before shipment.

How do I change my budget?
Log on to your OutfitEZ account and click on "Modify my budget or billing terms". If you have selected monthly payments, we recommend that you change your budget soon after you receive your OutfitEZ delivery. This way, you can be sure that your subscription will be fully paid up by the next delivery. Otherwise, depending on what changes you make, your subscription may land up being underpaid (resulting in a partial shipment) or overpaid (resulting in a partial refund) for the next delivery cycle.

Subscriptions, Collections and Special Orders:
What's the difference between a Subscription and a Collection?
A Subscription results in regular quarterly deliveries. The outfits selected for each delivery are coordinated so that you build up a complete, versatile wardrobe over time. A Collection is a one-off delivery, usually of items filling a niche (for example, the Interview Kit or the Golf Collection), or of items enabling you to instantly build a wardrobe containing essential items (for example, New Grad Essentials). We find that customers buying a Collection often subsequently sign up for a Subscription to maintain their wardrobe, and that some subscribers purchase a Collection to fill a specific need.

What's the difference between the subscription levels?
Higher subscription levels result in getting not only more clothes, but also allow our clothing consultants the scope to improve the quality and range of apparel provided.

Basics Membership: This is a $50/month subscription (or $150/quarter if you choose to be billed once per shipment). Each shipment will include at least one coordinated seasonal outfit, plus basic items to refresh your wardrobe.

Regular Membership: This is a $100/month subscription (or $300/quarter). This level enables a mix&match seasonal collection, typically with pants and several shirts for different looks and environments. Accessories, such as belts and ties, are included to complete your look. This subscription should provide a steady update to your wardrobe.

Full Membership: This is a $150/month subscription (or $450/quarter). The full budget allows our clothing consultants the scope to improve the quality and range of apparel provided, as well as the quantity. It also provides the opportunity to include items such as sport jackets, as appropriate for the profile. This subscription level is the fastest way to build or rebuild your wardrobe.

How does your Special Orders store work?
You may well never need to shop at our Special Orders store. When you sign up for an OutfitEZ subscription, you will receive outfits delivered to your door with no further action. Special Orders, which is only open to members with active subscriptions, allows you to purchase items in addition to your regular delivery, should you wish to do so. The types of items we typically have here are accessories that may not be part of your regular shipments (e.g. a belt, shoes), more specialised items (e.g. swimwear, ski jackets) and other items that are simply more of the same type of clothes you will receive in the regular shipments (shirts, pants etc.) in case you need to ramp up your wardrobe faster than you will build it up over time with your regular shipments. These items are then delivered with no shipping charge in your next scheduled shipment.

Special orders are only shipped to the subscription delivery address, and only with the next scheduled delivery. You will notice that the store is much simpler than other online apparel stores - there are no sizes and very few options. We will ship your size as we have recorded in your profile, and will make style choices for you based on the choices you have made in your profile.

If you don't find an item in the store that you need, please contact us and we will try to add it to the store.

What is a gift subscription?
Gift subscriptions can be purchased to run for a limited period of two or four quarterly shipments rather than the regular subscription which keeps running until it is cancelled.

When will I receive my outfits?
Outfits are shipped quarterly to provide new clothes for the upcoming season. Spring shipments will be sent in March, summer shipments in June, fall shipments in September and your winter outfits will ship in December. Each season you will receive a single shipment directly from OutfitEZ. We ship using UPS Ground service. The expected delivery date of the shipment is dependent on the specific profile and your location.

Will I receive the same items in the second year of my subscription?
No. Our consultants not only coordinate the items season by season, by also track your collection over time. OutfitEZ maintains a database of the items shipped to you and will adjust the contents of a shipment accordingly. It may be that you do get a second pair of jeans in the second year, but color/styling may be different, and it is a well-worn item that you probably should have a second pair in your wardrobe.

Why are there no "Add to Cart" buttons in your Special Orders store?
The OutfitEZ Special Orders store is only open to members with an active subscription. When a member selects an item from the store, we make sizing and style choices based on the member's stored profile, and then we ship the selected items with the next scheduled shipment. If you do not have an active subscription, you can browse the store to see what we have available, but you will not be able to make purchases. Once you have an active subscription, the "Add to Cart" buttons will appear.

Why can't I add a second subscription to my account?
Your OutfitEZ subscription is identified by your email and linked to the profile on your account, so if you purchased a second subscription, you would receive a second set of outfits identical to the first. If you would like a second subscription (for example you are purchasing subscriptions for both of your sons), you can create a second account (linked to a second email address) and make profile choices specific to that second account.

Service and Returns:
Is my billing information secure?
Yes. All billing and credit card information is handled through Paypal, a subsidiary of eBay and leading e-commerce financial service for secure electronic payments. PayPal offers 100% protection against unauthorized payments from your account. OutfitEZ does not access nor retain your credit card or bank account information.

How will I be billed?
A subscription with OutfitEZ requires a recurring monthly or quarterly payment. To easily and securely facilitate billing on an ongoing basis, all transactions are handled through PayPal. This means that all subscribers must have accounts with PayPal (either use an existing account or set-up a new one). From this account, you assign credit card or bank information and authorize payments. We believe that PayPal offers the protection, privacy, and security required for billing transactions.

When will I be billed?
Your credit card will be billed on the 1st day of the shipping month (March, June, September and December) for quarterly subscribers or the 1st day of each month for monthly subscribers.

What is the difference between monthly and quarterly billing?
When you choose between monthly and quarterly billing, the selection only affects billing frequency - in either case you will receive your OutfitEZ deliveries once a quarter. If you choose quarterly billing, you will be billed the full three months payment on the first day of the month in which you receive your OutfitEZ delivery. If you select monthly billing, you will be billed the monthly subscription rate on the first day of each month.

What is the catchup payment?
Depending on when you start your subscription, monthly subscribers may not accumulate three monthly payments before their first quarterly shipment. When activating their subscription, these customers have the option of making a one-time accelerated first payment to "catch up" and receive the full shipment. Without the catchup payment, these customers will receive a partial first shipment proportional to the number of payments made.

Will I be charged sales tax?
Colorado sales tax of 2.9% is charged on merchandise and S&H when deliveries are shipped to an address in Colorado.

How do I return items for exchange or credit?
Simply return the unused item(s) within one month to the return address listed on the packing slip you received with the shipment. The return form allows you to indicate your concern with the item and whether you are requesting an exchange or a credit.† Exchanges are for identical items where the shipped item was defective or an incorrect size. Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing of an exchange. Generally, returned items result in a credit where an additional item of similar value will be included in your next shipment. If items donít fit well, consider updating your sizing preferences on your OutfitEZ account.

What if I just don't like what you sent me?
You may return any items for an account credit within one month of receiving your shipment. A credit means that an additional item of similar value will be included in your next shipment. If you simply donít like the item, first consider asking someone else his/her opinion. Our fashion consultants aim to select high quality, contemporary items that men can wear with confidence, and one benefit of the OutfitEZ service is that you get to try new things knowing they have been coordinated by professionals. If you find the style of the overall shipment is not to your taste, you might also want to consider changing your profile to one more suited to your taste.

What is your cancellation policy?
You may cancel your OutfitEZ subscription at any time, without penalty. Any accumulated payments for upcoming shipments will be refunded to your PayPal account within 7-10 business days. Note that if you cancel your subscription on or after the 1st of the month in which you are due to receive your next shipment, that order is already in process and you will still receive that final shipment. If desired, you may return the final shipment for refund, subject to shipping and handling charges. To cancel your subscription, log on to your OutfitEZ account and select the menu item "Cancel My Subscription".

How do I cancel my subscription?
Log on to your OutfitEZ account and select the menu item "Cancel My Subscription". When you confirm your cancellation, you will be taken to the PayPal site where you will complete the cancellation process. If you have any accumulated payments for upcoming shipments, these will be refunded to your PayPal account within 7-10 business days. You may cancel at any time, however please note that if you cancel your subscription on or after the 1st of the month in which you are due to receive your next shipment, that order is already in process and you will still receive that final shipment.

Why do you only allow billing by Paypal?
When you sign up for a subscription at OutfitEZ, your credit card is billed on an ongoing, recurring basis. This means that we need to keep a record of your credit card information. By using PayPal, all of your credit card information is stored with PayPal, and we never even see, let alone store, that information at OutfitEZ. PayPal is recognized as a world-class organization in the business of maintaining financial data on the Internet, and ensuring its security. We believe that the security of your credit card information is best served by ensuring your billing is done through a PayPal account.

Recurring credit card billing through Paypal is the best setup-and-forget option, but if you are unable or unwilling to use Paypal, we are able to accept mailed checks from you as long as they are in US dollars drawn on a US financial instituition. Please contact customer service to set up your account in this way.

Do you ship to Hawaii and Alaska?
Yes. The Shipping and Handling Charge is higher for customers located in Hawaii or Alaska, but we feel that our business model, in which all your clothing arrives in a single box once every three months is actually a very efficient way to buy clothes online in these regions.

Do you ship to APO/FPO addresses?
Yes we do. Shipping is by USPS instead of UPS. Shipping times make be longer depending on the final APO/FPO destination.

Why do you only ship to US addresses?
At OutfitEZ we make a serious effort to understand the culture and local nuances of the business and leisure environment of our customers. The OutfitEZ fashion consultants are US-based and understand the requirements of US-based customers fitting the profile they service. However, we are not quite sure what engineers in Italy or churchgoers in New Zealand are wearing. In future, we do plan to expand to other countries when we can set up local fashion consultants who understand the trends, as well as establishing local supply chains. If you would be interested in our service expanding into your region, let us know where you are by using the contact us form. If you are currently based outside the US and but want outfits now based on US trends, then contact us and we will give you a custom quote based on shipping charges to your country.

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